Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Max & Whiskers and Camille...what a fun combination!

I bought Camille's book last fall and have been ohhing and ahhing over it ever since.  I have a long-distance friend who is undergoing chemo and I wanted to make her something to help keep her warm, snuggly and wrapped in love during her long chemo treatments.  Because my quilting time is very limited due to surgery I needed to find something that I could do and make it a little more creative than straight blocks...which is what I usually do in a pinch...not saying that is bad, but sometimes I like to think I can do more.  Enter Camille's book Simplify and the pattern Coming Home...easy peasy, one charm pack, some Kona white and the blocks were cut, sewed and ironed in less than 4 hours!  I haven't selected the outer boarder yet, want to wait until all the blocks are sewn to decide what I want to do.  Although this pattern is a topper size, I think it will be perfect to cover her while she sits and waits to have that horrible  life saving medication enter her body.  I will post final pictures when done, but for today, this was a huge accomplishment for me.  I go back to work on Thursday so I am cherishing these last few days.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Surprises

My back is healing well and I am allowing myself about one hour a day of sitting sewing time.  I have to get back into the swing of sitting since I return to work next Thursday...boo for that, but so very thankful that I have a job to return to and am healthy to return to work.  I made a quick pillow for my mom and a pin cushion for my MIL, I have some really cute pin toppers coming in the mail..can't wait to see those!  I also have been ooohhing and ahhhing over all the rainbow quilts out there and ordered the bold solid fat quarter sampler from Connecting Threads...I have been a devout Kona solid user, but I am so impressed with the colors and the 'feel' of these solids from Connecting Threads...fat quarters are $1.24 and the bold sampler has 24 fat quarters for $23.76!  I have not cut into them yet, so can't comment on how they stand up to washing, but very pleased so far. 


I made the small pillow from Moda Martinique, I bought a few fats from the Houston Quilt show this past fall.  The pin cushion is Fresh Cut from Heather Bailey...I can't tell you when or where I bought that from but it was a pleasant surprise to find them in my stash!

To all the Mother's out in blogland, have a very blessed Mother's Day.  I also say prayers for peace this weekend for those women out there who want so desperately to be a mom.  I went through a few long tearful years of infertility and Mother's Day was always a very difficult time for me.  I was blessed with twin boys almost 15 years ago, but I still remember how sad it can be.

Lisa....the Rx Quilter!