Monday, March 28, 2011

A little bit of sunshine gets us through the storm

Sometimes when things seem so dreary, little bits of sunshine poke through the clouds.  I have not been a consistent blogger..something I hope to change in the near future, but have been away recently due to the preparation for and having my second back surgery to fix a disc that herniated about 3 1/2 years ago.  All the 'things' I like to do involve sitting on my rumpasaurus for hours at a time...quilting especially.  Not something good for someone with a back problem!  My back issue, coupled with my husband trying to find a teaching job in this crazy education crisis has caused some really black clouds to hang out over our house lately.  I must state first and foremost that my faith in Jesus is getting me through each day, knowing that all of this is for his glory. 

That being said, in the last few days I have received two totally awesome emails that have made me smile and want to jump for joy! 

First I received an email from 'Accuquilt' that I have been selected to chose and blog about 3 dies of my choice!  Wow cool is that..I hoped to demonstrate the Go itself, but ended up buying my own since I hadn't heard back.  I love my Accuquilt and have already bought quite a few dies, but can't wait to show y'all those and the 3 I select. 
Then today, I opened up my email and found out that I won the giveaway from Beyond The Reef blog by Natalie.  I won the book Modern Basics by Amy Ellis!  I have had my eye on this book, and to win deal!  Go see Natalie, she has a lovely blog

Book Giveaway WINNER is.....

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s
l i s a

"Hi, I am now a follower and 'like' you on FB. 
Wow, the biggest quilt is easy to remember, it was a smallest, probably the 20x20 Christmas quilt 
for the Children's Hospital here in San Antonio. 
I would love to win this book, have seen so many great reviews! Lisa in Texas"

Ok, I think I have rambled enough for now, just wanted to share my excitement with people who also know the excitement of winning fabric, quiliting books etc. 

Have a great day and remember that after every storm, the sun will shine again!


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